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Sony RX0II: A Pocket Full of Kryptonite


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I just finished a five day ride on my motorcycle in AZ and NM with a good friend of mine.  We meet from time to time and ride together even though we live at opposite ends of the country.  Each time I ride, I try different gear knowing full well that there is no absolute perfect setup for any kind of photography.  I flew on Allegiant to PHX and I'm cheap so I don't like to pay for checked bags or even a carry-on, so I always fly on these trips with just a backpack.  So the room inside is tight and I need a week's worth of clothing, my Mac Airbook, headphones, and whatever camera I choose to bring along.  

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This trip, I opted for the smallest camera in my collection, with no regrets.  I chose the RX0II, which has a 1" 15mp stacked sensor inside a ridiculously small body with a 24mm f/4 equivalent lens.  While recording time is limited when shooting 4K (yes, it also shoots real 4K too), when shooting stills, the camera sips power.  I was able to go the whole trip only charging once, and when I did, the batter was showing 69%.  I didn't need to bring an extra battery or even the charger, it turns out.  I kept the RX0II in my left pocket of my riding jacket so I was always ready to shoot when I felt like it.

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I also found the files to be plenty large enough to crop into, even severely, and still get good results.  This image below was shot in landscape, but later, I decided on a portrait crop and the file held up just fine:

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