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Hi from Toronto πŸ˜„

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Hi Alpha Universe folks,

My name is Andrew Neary, and I'm a journalism student in Ontario, Canada. I started taking photos with a DSLR two years ago, and I've loved it ever since. I have so much to learn, but I'm loving the process and discovering the styles and stories I can share.

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and work with Indigenous Mayan high school students in mountain communities to share stories important to them and learn together. In Canada, I've done some photojournalism as well as some wedding, corporate event, and birthday photo shoots.

I'm excited to be more active here and learn alongside the talented folks on this forum.

It's nice to meet you!

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Could contain: Sunlight, Nature, Outdoors, Scenery, Flare, Light, Hoop, Weather

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Could contain: Person, Fire, Architecture, Building, Face, Head

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Could contain: Person, Motorcycle, Transportation, Vehicle, Helmet, Fun, Vacation, Machine, Wheel

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