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Issue with Sony A7S III - Unexpected Shutdowns and Restarts


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Hello everyone,

I've been a satisfied user of the Sony A7S III for two years now, but recently I encountered a troublesome issue during a shoot that I'd like to seek advice on.

During my last recording session, everything started smoothly, but suddenly the camera began to shut down and restart itself approximately every +/- 20 seconds, without any warning or error message. This occurred both while recording and when the camera was inactive. The only time I got an error message was when the camera restarted while recording, and I received the message: "Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data?" This was due to the camera shutting down during recording, rendering it unusable.

I've tried various solutions, such as changing batteries and SD cards, disconnecting all accessories like microphones and monitors, but nothing seemed to help. Ultimately, I performed a full reset of the camera, which resolved the issue. However, I remain concerned that this may happen again in the future.

Have any of you experienced this issue with your Sony A7S III or similar cameras? If so, what was the cause and how did you resolve it? I appreciate any insights and advice to prevent potential future problems.

Thank you for your help!

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It’s unfortunate that there have been no replies as of yet. I just came across your post while searching up the same thing. I have an A7S three which has been a great camera for me for years, truly flawless. But just today I’m out and about, and I keep having the same issue, but with very scary shut downs. I’ve had a few accompanied with super glitchy video displays on the monitor for a split second before it dies.


I’ve had a few accompanied with super glitchy video displays on the monitor for a split second before it dies. I’ve had some hefty difficulty getting the camera to turn back on during some of these events. Sometimes power cycling works, other times I’ve needed to remove the battery to get the camera functional again. Makes me very concerned. Makes me very concerned.

Usually things like this are caused by a camera issue (firmware, hardware, settings), media, or battery. I don’t have the time right now to start troubleshooting, but I suppose that will have to happen. Really hoping somebody else already has the answer though. 


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