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Curtaining Issue with Sony A7IV


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Hi all,

I have a recent issue with curtaining on my Sony A7IV when I use flash. I'm unsure if it's user error or an actual software/hardware malfunction.

I've attached two photos taken within seconds of each other, with identical settings. In one photo, I receive curtaining, in the other, there is none. For reference my camera settings for both photos was 1/200th , f.6.3, ISO 50. I tried lowering shutter speed to 1/160th, 1/125th and even lower and still received this issue.

The light I used was the Flashpoint Xplor 600. I tried turning on and off high speed sync to see if that was an issue, but still received the same effect. The flash power was at 1/32nd, and changing the power didn't correct the issue. The only way I was able to resolve this issue was by turning off all my equipment and turning it back on.

I've never changed settings for my shutter in the menu and have just recently developed this problem.

The menu shows:

  • Silent Mode Off
  • Mechanical Shutter
  • e-Front Curtain Shutter Off
  • Release w/o Lens Enable
  • Release w/o Card Enable
  • Anti-Flicker Shooting On

I would love some advice on how to correct it if anyone has had a similar issue, or knows what it could be?



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It looks like some sort of miscommunication between the camera and flash. You already tried all the things I would normally suggest. Are you using the Sony dedicated trigger with the MIS shoe pins? Are any of them bent?

Some other things to maybe try

Update firmware on camera, flash and trigger 

Try a different trigger

If you someone who has another Sony camera try that as well

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