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Golden Hour Photo Challenge

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Welcome to our Golden Hour Photo Challenge! Golden Hour is sometimes called “magic hour” because it provides nearly perfect light for capturing stunning photos. In our next photo challenge, we’d love to see your images that capture the mesmerizing beauty of this time of day! Tell us all about how you captured the image so we can revel in the warmth and radiance of those precious moments. Each contributor will earn points towards our community ranks!

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Since I got the Sony α 100-400mm 4.5/5.6 GM lens, my hobby has been to chase the sun during the golden hour and frame it within the Boston cityscape. This lens has given me the opportunity to see the city in a completely different way. Before the lens, I never cared where the sun was 🤷‍♂️. After the lens, I can't take my mind off of the sun 😎! Here are four shots during the golden hour with the big sun. All shots are taken by Sony α7IV & 100-400mm 4.5/5.6 GM 🫡.

* Four residents of a skyscraper in downtown Boston watching the sunset. I Love the scale of the people in relation to the sun.

* The sun is setting over downtown Boston skyline. I shot this 3.45 mi (5.56 km) away in town of Winthrop. In foreground is Boston Logan International Airport.

* Sunset over the Charles River and Harvard Bridge, between the Gothic towers of Boston University College of Arts and Sciences building.

* Sunset over the Charles River and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Sun, Sunlight, Lighting, Flare, Light

Could contain: Cityscape, Urban, City, Sky, Office Building, Sunset, Metropolis, Airport, Airplane, Airliner

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Sun, Sailboat, Sunrise, Sunlight, Silhouette, Sunset, Bird

Could contain: Boat, Sailboat, Watercraft, Sky, Sun, Sunlight, Person, Flare, Sunset, Yacht

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And another from Arches National Park a few years ago. Balanced Rock both backlit by the setting sun and front lit from the other side. Both with the a7RIII the back lit is with the 100-400GM and the front lit with the 24-70GM. I like to try different angles to see what works. It is almost never my first try.


Could contain: Rock, Landscape, Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Scenery, Cloud, Wilderness, Desert, Head

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Sunlight, Person, Silhouette, Head, Sunrise

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11 hours ago, Katrina Thompson said:

This photo was captured off the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean during the golden hour last week. It was shot with a Sony a7III and a Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens. 

Could contain: Dining Table, Table, Nature, Outdoors, Scenery, Sky, Dining Room, Beach, Sea, Chair

wonderful frame and so beautiful shot

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