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An amateurs version of "What's in My Bag" for Yellowstone trip this week.

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I always enjoy reading the “What’s in My Bag” pcs. Great to learn from the Pros.  As I was packing for our road trip this week to Yellowstone I thought "what the heck"...We are packing "heavy" as we hope to capture images of wolf and bear cubs. Better to have and not need than need and not have.

Like many of you we are just a hobbyist out of control, lol.  Here is what may be in my bag, depending on weather conditions, are we hiking or just parking alongside the road with everyone else.  


Sony A7III

Sony 200-600mm

Celestron Spotting Scope, not pictured, going to try digiscoping.  

Sony 12-24mm f.4

Tamron 28-200mm

7Artisans 9mm f5.6


Travel Tripod

“Big” Mafrotto Video Tripod

Water Bottle

Micro Spikes

Bear Spray

Handwarmers (temps will be 16-45 degrees)

Tamron big bag (fits the 200-600mm with the shade hood in place)

Wandrd Chest Pack (allows me to carry to setups)

Would need a fisheye lens to include the wife's video gear, chargers, laptops, rain hoods, etc, etc, etc, you all know the deal.  Hopefully in a few weeks we will have photos from the trip at:

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