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Backpacks for the mountains... and coffee


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Hey guys, how are you doing?
So, I have this idea in my mind since I started going to the mountains. I am a "popularizer" let's say, and teacher about specialty coffee, I have a little brand called "Astrofotografía y Café" and even though I found like a middle ground in terms of equipment, I always find it a bit difficult to actually organize things on my backpacks.
Even the really expensive ones feel a bit cheap when it comes to sturdiness and practicality.
That being said, you can find good backpacks for both photography and trekking in the mountains, but not so much for coffee lovers like me, who from time to time, has to film in the middle of a snowy mountain a little photoshoot for a coffee brand.
My question is: do you recommend any brand at all that can accomodate to my needs? I'm even designing a backpack on my own to actually fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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"always find it a bit difficult to actually organize things on my backpacks" me too.

As I'm sure you're aware, there is no perfect bag; backpack, messenger, or tote to accommodate photography and hiking. Especially if you plan on being out from dawn to dusk. I too am a coffee person. I typically carry my Adopters but I grind my beans the night before and store them in an airtight container from Planetary Design AirScape (I'm not getting a kickback). They have several smaller sizes that can easily be carried in a backpack, messenger, or tote.

I typically use backpack/tote from Case Logic (see attached picture) that has backpack straps but has a top sinched (drawstring) opening at top, two inner vertical padded pockets that accommodate a 13" laptop and either a 10" or 7" tablet (for me they're Kindles). I usually take the padded sectioned insert from my Tenba Messenger DNA 13 (see attached picture) to hold my photo gear that sets at bottom of Case Logic pack.

As I said, there is no perfect solution and believe me when I say I've tried every type on the market (I'm 73). I hope I've been a small hope.



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Hi Gegjrphotothanks so much for your answer.
It feels nice to know I'm not the only one out there who likes to bring coffee and has a hard time organizing this whole thing hahaha.
I'm still designing my own backpack, my mother in law knows how to actually do one, so, is just a matter of get things going. Who knows? Maybe in the future you will find my backpack out there in stores, aimed exclusively to coffee and astrophotography lovers 🙂

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