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  1. It's tough to get your art out there with the amount of work that's constantly thrown at us these days, but consistency is your friend. Good luck!
  2. Going to networking events (like Imaging USA, Outdoor Retailer, or WPPI depending on what you shoot), going to photography lectures and meeting with people there, joining photography workshops and meeting other photographers, posting in Facebook groups (so not just your own socials), etc.
  3. It means a lot that you joined us today, so thank you so much! You can find me around the web as @autpops on all of the platforms (Instagram) or on my website. Nate and I also teach photo workshops that you can check out here. Thanks again! 🙂.
  4. ... put my best work out there for the next person who stumbles upon my account.
  5. I also share "bangers only" for the most part on all of my platforms, but I do like how Threads and Twitter allow for a more conversational interaction rather than just images being the focus. As far as tips for getting your work seen, that's mostly why I follow the "bangers only" approach. I want to...
  6. Truthfully, I'm not great at balancing social media posts. I love sharing my work and making friends online, but as an introvert, I get burned out from social interactions really quickly. I'm trying to be better about posting regularly on all of the platforms, but I agree with Nate.
  7. I'm a night owl, so mornings are tough for me. I couldn't go to the gym in the morning if my life depended on it XD I usually play a chill video game while I sip on tea to wake up, then do editing/emails/etc. Like Nate said, the kitties are obsessed with us, so one of us always has one or both on our lap/chest
  8. ... and then I make sure to put my camera down and fully take in the environment. This also helps me to see things that I may have missed while initially shooting as well!
  9. ..realize why I love what I do and how important it is to take in a place with my body, my eyes as well as my viewfinder. We live on the most magnificent planet, and in the age of "content creation" it can be difficult to truly appreciate what we have on Earth. I've gotten to a place where I shoot a little...
  10. I love this question. I typically feel a range of emotions when I drive up to a place, depending on why I'm at said location. Excitement, pure awe, stress (if it's a client shoot), pressure to create something great. But then once I'm out there in nature, it all kind of melts into happiness. It makes me..
  11. Aww, thank you, L'aura! Thanks so much for popping in!
  12. It depends on your budget as they can get quite pricey! But Nate and I have the Sky-Watcher HEQ5 and it's pretty awesome
  13. I just recorded a moon photography video in the Tetons not too long ago! It may help to give you some additional guidance 🙂
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