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  1. MattK's post in Sony Kando 5 event? was marked as the answer   
    My favorite ones were the ones where the public was invited too, so my fingers are crossed for it! 
  2. MattK's post in Any tips on what level of noise is/should be acceptable? was marked as the answer   
    I would say that the medium in which you show it off should dictate how much. And don’t let the ISO level in camera dictated it because every shot is different. 6400 ISO in a dark shadowy photo will show up and look worse than a photo in brighter light where you maybe needed a higher shutter speed so the ISO crept higher. 
    If I’m printing I don’t worry about it too much. Printing inherently smooths noise and viewing distances mean most people wouldn’t be able to see it anyway. 
    If you’re posting a wider view on social media, you don’t need much noise reduction because people can’t zoom in (even though you can while editing). 
    For me, I post a lot of wildlife photos where I like to crop in. While cropping doesn’t change the amount of noise in a photo, it has the appearance of pixel peeping because you’re showing a zoomed in version of the photo. In those cases, noise is an issue and I’ll use Topaz DeNoise on it (which I love by the way and find it actually enhances detail in most cases). 
    Hope that helps!
  3. MattK's post in Critique my photography. was marked as the answer   
    Hi. Like the others I really like the colors here. Has a very soft pastel look to it. Great job there. Also great job on composition. Not that I look for them while shooting, but after the fact I find that triangles are a great hook. The more the better (see example below). They tend to really bring your eyes in to the photo and point to things. Honestly I like the centered look with the small area of sky. But I also like it cropped and having the tractor toward one side or the other. Both work and both are strong. After that it just becomes about personal taste. 

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