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  1. I'll start with mine: Iceland (because of course!) United States (so big, so many different landscapes!)
  2. Michael Kenna, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ansel Adams, Eugene Atget to name a few 🙂
  3. Agreed!!! Please share some of your amazing images using this feature!
  4. Knowing you, I bet this is one of your favorite features, my friend! 🙂
  5. Love focus stacking!!! awesome feature 🙂
  6. I don't know about you guys, but after testing the #Alpha 7R V (Alpha7RV) in NYC during the announcement, I pulled the trigger and placed the order. It arrived a few days ago and I love it! My favorite features are the timed Bulb setting, and the focus stacking. How about you?
  7. Agreed! The market is really all over the place, so I just do what I love, and hope that other people will too! sometimes it works out, other times... not so much 🙂
  8. Highly depends on what you shoot and your budget. If you want to shoot everything and anything, the #Alpha 1 (Alpha1) is for you! If you are mostly shooting landscapes and want to keep the budget lower, then go with the #Alpha 7R V (Alpha7RV) 🙂
  9. Got myself the #Alpha 7R V (Alpha7RV) ... I was blown away testing it during the announcement!!!
  10. Great choices my friend!!! Can't go wrong with these indeed 🙂
  11. Thanks a lot Don!!! You should share some of your own gorgeous work, my friend!!! 😛
  12. Thank you so much, your kind words mean a lot to me!!! And of course, any time, Caroline! 🙂
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