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  1. Hello Autumn and Nate, love both of your work and thanks for doing this AMA. I've never photographed a solar eclipse before. How do you plan for an event like this - do you pick a location in the path, based on the landscapes, weather?
  2. I have posted images there sporadically over the last couple of years but have never gotten a single visit. Whenever I go to the community gallery, it's always the same set of images. Just wondering if anyone is active in there.
  3. I've read a few posts on Facebook #Alpha 1 (Alpha1) group where people have noticed bird eye AF not working properly after the latest firmware update (1.31). Have you tested it with photographing birds, and how has it been for you?
  4. karthz

    600mm f/4

    It sure is! I have been using it for wildlife for a year now and I'm pretty hooked.
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