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  1. Alxstevens THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I totally didn't even think of that, I tried it Luminar AI as well and it didn't work, never thought of Imaging Edge. I brought it in, then exported out as Tiff. I was able to import it into LR and it even worked in PS. Adobe needs to catch up. Thank you again sir!
  2. Hello, I hope someone can help me out, I recently updated my firmware to version 1.10 so I can use reduce my file sizes on certain jobs, unfortunately for this particular job, I didn't mean to, but I left the file type to Lossless Comp (M) after playing around after the update. After the shoot I went to view the images in Lightroom Classic 11.5, viewing is not the issue, but the moment I enter the develop tab, the file becomes corrupt. I even tried opening the file directly into Photoshop and the same thing happens. I tried opening the RAW file on Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone and the same thing keeps happening. The only thing that works is screenshots, but then I loose file size, RAW capabilities etc. I can't be the only that has run into this issue? I switched my setting back to Compressed and ZERO issues with the files. I really need to figure out how to fix this issue, this job I shot was for a great Architecture client of mine. Here are some screenshots of the images
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