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  1. @tonygale Thanks for checking! Looking forward to hear what the Sony reps may say. In the meantime I have found a work around, sort of. With the Sony 90mm macro I can put the lens itself into manual focus which lets me have the live view mode setting off and then pop it back into autofocus mode for the focus bracketing. But that only works with lens like that that can pop back and forth between manual and autofocus, and not gonna lie, it's a little inconvienient.
  2. @tonygale I do have the live veiw set to off, but when I turn on the focus bracketing it automatically turns it back on. When I try to turn it back off I get a message saying "this operation or setting is not available as follows: drive mode Focus bracket.
  3. HI everyone! I just got the A6700 and was excited to use the focus bracketing for my macro photography, however it seems like whenever I turn on the focus bracketing the camera defaults back to Live veiw mode which makes it almost impossible to set the focus as I usually have a black screen because my f-stop is high and the light in the woods is low. I shoot with flash to compensate for the low light, and usually have the live view mode off so I can see what I'm doing on the screen. Is there a setting that I can change to have the Live View mode off during focus bracketing?
  4. I love to photograph insects! When you see them up close you realize that each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.
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    Hello Everyone! I've been a Sony user for only a few years. I bought my first Sony camera in 2019. I'll admit it was quite the rash decision. I was taking a trip to Japan and didn't want to take my big bulky DSLR, so on a whim I purchased the A6400. I haven't looked back since. This month I made the deep dive and bought the Sony A7IV. I enjoy all types of photography but I'll have to say that Macro is my favorite right now. I truly enjoy seeing the world from that perspective. You can check out some of my photos on my facebook page or on Instagram @finding.aim I look forward to being part of this community of amazing photographers!
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