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  1. Has anyone tried using the Sony bluetooth remote shutter RMT-P1BT with the new A7r V? I had a 3rd party bluetooth remote shutter for my A7r IV that does not work on the new camera with the new pairing setup. Oddly my prior remote is claimed to work by B&H on the new camera, but it does not. I'm looking for a remote that does work on the A7r V. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. On my A7r IV, I was able to record RAW files to media recording Slot 1, and JPG files to media recording Slot 2. Then I had one card with all RAW files and the other card with all JPG files. I would set video recording to Slot 1 and used my best, highest capacity SD card in Slot 1. I have a CFExpress Type A card in Slot 1 and a SD Card in Slot 2 if it matters. With my new A7r V, I cannot seem to split RAW and JPG onto different Slots anymore. Is that the case or am I just failing to understand the new menu system and options under Media Settings? The official Sony help manual sheds no light on this subject...
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