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  1. I went Professional when Sony went mirrorless. My little company was a Canon shop in Los Angeles, where there is no shortage of people snapping shots. We switched over to Sony right before the Special Olympics came to LA, with A7R and video, and never looked back. One of my photographers was shooting the games, and the President of the Olympics asked her why she was using a Sony, the shot and spiel were captured on the Olympics website and we never looked back! From the Grammy, Oscar, MTV, and BET red carpets to the wedding of Nicolas Cage's son, we were smoothly moving from referral to referral, thanks to the quality of what we could produce with that low light sensor. Retired and moved to the East coast, (where water is more abundant) but I think often of that life. You learn to enjoy the chaos! I'm retired, but that kind of life stays in your blood! If you shoot to live, you live to shoot, am I right? So now, the search for a camera starts anew! Looks like I'm back, baby! #ZV-E10
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