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  1. glb

    dumb stuff

    way back with the a mount camera sony A100 I had an idea I had two 2x converters put them together then put them on a 300mm lens well it worked but really not that well.
  2. glb

    Long lens...

    for me the 100-400 with 1.4 converter. the 200-600 although a great lens it is to long. I do most of my pictures off my bicycle and with the cotton carry and the lens hanging in front of me my knees hit the lens every time I pedal
  3. it is rare that I do not take pictures. favorite genre is anything I find of interest when I ride my bicycle
  4. a7r iv sony 100-400 gm and 1.4 converter
  5. I have mine set to switch to my fast flying bird mode
  6. sony 100-400 gm with 1.4 teleconverter
  7. right now, I am loading my camera on my bicycle, and I head out and look for wildlife deer, eagles, cranes, and hawks. when we get new snow, I switch to farm building and equipment
  8. sony 100-400 gm with 1.4 converter
  9. the only time I use silent mode is with wildlife
  10. anything that lives in or flies over the snow
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