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  1. I was in the same situation back in the early 80s, raising babies and takeing photos using B&W film on a manuel camera. Got some great images of my children and fast foward today getting better photos of my grandchildren with my A7111. Just keep shooting and learnig on your own, also take time to enjoy your photos.
  2. Hi everyone kinda of a newbie, been using my a7iii for a year and a half now and still trying to understanding all the special features on the camera. I use all native lens to photograph outdoors so Wednesday i was taking pictures of some flowers outside on manuel mode and the image was totally dark on my monitor except in some areas. I was using a zoom Sony G 70-300 4.5-5.6 OSS lens that i purchased used from a dealer wich worked great for Moon shots. I switched to another Sony zoom lens and still had the same problem except when i took photos in Auto they turned out fine on the monitor, then switch back to manuel the monitor was dark again. I cycled threw the complicted menu and could not figure out how to get normal images on my monitor on manuel, camera was working fine before especially with the 70-300 lens. Does someone in the Alpha community know what is the problem? i would appreciate the Help. Thank You Goldman
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