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  1. Thank You Tony it was a phenomenal 3 nights of northern lights action
  2. Thank You definitely a bucket list location for viewing the northern lights, I live locally so I get to see some nice views of the night sky and northern lights.
  3. Thank you Joey, it was a fantastic few nights I am on the moray coast a really good location to view the northern lights I do hope you manage to visit one day soon.
  4. The northern lights alerts were coming on for northern scotland and this was forecasted to be a good one but to see this aurora weaving across the sky at the 57th latitude is very rare but recently we have been getting stronger storms further south than usual. The temperature dropped below -10 here at findhorn on the moray coast in northern scotland. This display was seen like this away down in middle england photographs have been appearing all over twitter, instagram and the news. I also seen a tweet that the southern light have been seen in southern australia and new zealand enjoy in the beautiful display. I am not here to plug my social media but i have posted more images at twitter @morayfirthphoto if you would like to look the patterns and colours were amazing. Sony A7 Mk 2 & Viltrox 20mm
  5. Tonight I have managed to get out under the stars on the moray coast to make the most of the clear sky above northern scotland tonight. It also took me a while to find a good MF lens and I settled on the viltrox 20mm so if you have terrible eyesight like me this would be perfect for you.
  6. Thank you these mornings and nights are brilliant to see all thanks to the dust from the sahara that makes the sky this vibrant.
  9. Thank you Jessica thanks to the dust from the sahara desert we get these vibrant sunrises and sunsets
  10. Thank you Tony we have had lots of dust from the sahara desert in the atmosphere and it usually makes our sunset and sunrise skies look like hen this happens it is very nice. Sunrise photos vibrant colours thanks to the african dust in the atmosphere
  11. Hi folks just moved back to sony recently and not had much of a chance to get out but here on the moray coast in northern scotland we have seen some amazing sunsets. I have just added a nice 20mm manual focus lens to the bag for those landscape astro and northern lights shots. All the images are from findhorn bay and all photographed at 70mm using the 28-70mm kit lens. Hope you are all well and stay safe out there.
  12. I would love to see a full manual focus 14 or 20mm lens exactly like the samyang lenses as a night sky photographer I rely on the infinity focusing to be on the lens rather then being done on the wee screen I would love to own a sony's own lens and if they did it would be added to my cart faster than you could say landscape astrophotography.
  13. Thank You glad to be back I never contributed at all in the past I hope to remedy that issue.
  14. Thank You, We get some some good nights out under the stars here in northern scotland this photo was from one of those nights.
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