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  1. I would say photography didn't really come into my life until the early 2000's. As a child growing up I was able to go on many trips and vacations across the US, but my parents were not big into photography so I had almost zero pictures of any of my childhood trips. Skip to the early 2000's when digital photography was getting more mainstream and I was starting my own family. Because of the ease of digital I took photos of everything we did, but the quality was poor. I did this for quite a few years. Then cell phone cameras came around and they were even more convenient, although still not very good at the time. My wife is a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan and we finally had a trip planned to go to Fallingwater. Even paid for the better tickets to be able to do photography inside. So my wife said I had to get a better camera. I wanted something small and compact and mirrorless was just coming on the scene so got a Sony NEX-6 with kit lens and zoom lens. So I took that everywhere for years until I finally moved up to the A7III a few years ago and now on to the A7RV. For 10 years now I have picked one major trip we do a year and created a 35ish page hardcover book on Shutterfly to commemorate the trip. All the kids get their own book so when they are older they will have all these fond memories of childhood trips that I missed out on because my family didn't fuss or concern themselves with cameras. Of course family trips are now not my only use for a camera, but that is the reason for my obsession 🙂
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