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    I had a K&F Concepts Tripod but found when folding in the Legs it was more cumbersome then I wanted to deal with, so I sold it for the Ulanzi OmBra tripod. It's a travel Tripod but Works just as well as a non travel Tripod. It's lighter then my K&F and has retractable Lets that use the clasp to keep them Locked in place.
  2. Because My First Camera was a Panasonic and I had the G7 and Loved it soo much that I bought the G85 and Had learned about M4/3 and how Hard it was to get Lens here in Alaska but it was Mostly the Auto Focus that made it hard for me to Do Videos as it wouldn't Focus on what I needed it too unless I tapped on the screen a few times. That's when I went too Sony and it was the Sony - Cyber-shot DSC-HX80. After that I bought the Sony A6400 and the ZV-1 had those for a Few Years and then traded those in for my Now Current FX30 which I don't plan on selling ever. I love this Camera and it's exactly what I want in a Camera. Video Focused and Photo Secondary.
  3. I use the Hollyland Lark M1's and I also have the Rode Wireless GO II mics. I also have a Rode Video GO Mic but rarely now that I have wireless Mics.
  4. Just wondering has anyone other those HUGE YouTubers Creators been invited to these Sony Events. I'd LOVE to attend one myself but always wanted to know if any small time YouTubers or Content Creators have been asked to Attend.
  5. So I've had My FX30 for About 6 months and I LOVE this Camera. Bought My First Cine Lens from SLR and I gotta tell ya Just started shooting in 60 fps instead of 24 and MAN The Detail is CRAZY good. That being said With the last update an being about to shoot at true 24fps and 60fps I've learned that using PPro the newer Codecs won't upload and I'm guessing this is an Adobe issue but does anyone else have this Camera and what's your experience with yours as I'm still a beginner with mine even after 6 months of Owning it. Also what's your take on Lens choices for your FX30? I just bought a Kit Lens 16-50mm cause of the size and portability of it and I love it.
  6. Just got the FX30 Tuesday and I've known about the Dual Card slot but coming from an A6400 I'm wondering how many people use it as a Back up or Separate the (2), One for Video and One for Photo
  7. My Only challenge is Time. Working F/T and Being a Content Creator I Only have 1 day to come up with an idea, then record it, and then Post it for next week, but it's what I've been doing and it's all I know and I'm not changing it for anything.
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