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  1. Greeting everyone. I have a Sony A7III and Sony A7IV (LOVE this camera) and have tried all types of external battery power banks to put on MY HIP and connected to my A7IV to have a CONSTANT charge and nothing as of yet has helped. I know there are various manuf of "dummy" batteries, but I am so very fearful of placing one in my hella expensive camera and find that it causes damage to it. Connecting a 65w 2000mAh battery via USB cable to the side of my A7IV does NOT charge it while I am using it for photography (I do not shoot video and need to be no floor model unit or pole mounted power source will work. I have seen ONE item shown on YouTube that holds (4) batteries and has a dummy battery connected to it that you can somehow affix to a belt holder or V-Mount to belt loop and use. over $! But, I don't think that is an officially approved device by Sony. IF any of you have PROVEN and TRIED source(s) that I can use to fit my need (I have an external battery grip with two batteries, but I need more "juice" than that. So, I would be so grateful for links to products that you KNOW have worked for you or anything I can research. Thanks so much again. Huie D.
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