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  1. What do you like about your Sony setup?
  2. Could you share some insights into your post-processing workflow for timelapse sequences?
  3. How do you juggle your business projects with your passion projects?
  4. I love shooting landscapes, but I'm really trying to get into timelapse this year so I am excited to learn from a pro like you!
  5. What's the one tip that helped you improve your photography skills the most?
  6. This is exciting. Suzi I love the tips you share on your instagram! I'd love to know what's your favorite shoot that you've done and why?
  7. This is exciting! I'd love to ask a question of Ryan! What are your tips for someone just getting started in landscape photography?
  8. Amazing, can't wait to check all of these out. Thank you!
  9. How do you cut out the model so well in photoshop?
  10. What’s your go-to lighting setup?
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