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  1. What are some safety considerations or ethical guidelines you follow in your wildlife photography?
  2. What's your favorite flower to capture and why?
  3. Do you have any advice for people new to macro photography?
  4. One of my favorite adventures is when I travelled a few hours from where I live to attend a women's festival! It was a very boho vibe, with flower crowns, yoga and reiki along with massage therapy and walks in the surrounding woods. It was one of the most rewarding adventures I've gone on. Here's a snap from the closing ceremony of the day.
  5. Not much in February for me - but here's a snap from when I went out for a delicious meal!
  6. I feel like Threads has been slept on but it's super fun to be on. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Do you have a favorite platform to work with/create content for?
  8. Any advice for aspiring photographers on how to enhance their visual storytelling through composition and color?
  9. What do you like about your Sony setup?
  10. How do you approach editing your wedding photos to ensure they maintain a consistent style while still reflecting the unique atmosphere of each event?
  11. Can't wait for this AMA! I have a question for you, Niah! What is your approach to capturing the personality of your subjects?
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