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  1. Thank you SO much for everyone that came to the AMA and asked questions. This was a lot fun and very humbling. I hope everyone enjoyed it and learned something. Anyone who wants to reach out to me with questions or info about a workshops in the future don’t hesitate. Here’s all my social links I use regularly. And a HUGE thank you to the team at the Sony Alpha Universe…thank you so much for having me! I hope we can do it again in the future! YouTube IG TikTok Facebook
  2. Thank you so much that is crazy to hear, but it means a lot. It was my pleasure! Thank you for attending. I hope you got something out of it. You too!
  3. I would say yes, always be safe and do that. I leave it up to the parents if its a school Im not familiar with.
  4. Honestly no not really. I have tried just about everything I feel like, but I will always love sports the most.
  5. Continuing to challenge yourself and evolve. I see photographers get complacent all the time and get out dated. That is a struggle for everyone I know in the industry and it is VERY important to continue your education and always be learning and evolving. If not you’ll get left behind!
  6. I don’t. I use to and I never looked at them ahead of time haha. I don't think its a bad idea if you can make sure its integrated into your workflow so you will use it. We also had a hard time getting them ti fill it out in enough time to actually utilize it.
  7. Setting up your custom buttons for things you use frequently is always a good idea and time saver. Also back button focus is a must. Besides that, I shoot shallow the majority of the time unless its a wide dramatic shot.
  8. I always ask them to send us their outfits right away to figure out where would be best to go. Also what extracurricular are they involved in, because those can be cool to make a unique photo out of. They dont always tell you if its something that isnt obvious, so sometimes you have to ask.
  9. 24-70 hands down. It gives you a wide and semi-compressed option at the same time.
  10. NEVER act nervous or like you dont know what youre doing though. Always be in charge and be professional
  11. but there are also always people that wont relax no matter what and those shoots are hard. You just have to push through it and keep trying to talk to them
  12. also taking a really cool dramatic picture right away and showing them will allow them to relax. Once they see that you are going to do your job and make them look good they will lower their guard.
  13. That one is always hard! Everyone is different so my every day sarcastic funny remarks wont always work haha. You have to kind of read the room and talk to them to figure out what type of personality they have. The key is talking to them about themselves. If you do that and act genuinely interested they wi
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