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  1. Thanks for the info!!!! Along the lines of what I thought. Typically I just stick to shooting animals, landscapes and doing "fun travel" vids for ourselves. I doubt the photogs who posted to Youtube got model releases or permission to post it but best to leave it alone.
  2. I am doing a video about the preservation of a species of wild animal being hunted for strictly cultural reasons. I am trying to be balanced and hope in some small way to shift the thought of the indigenous group involved to look at their future relationship with these creature in a more modern manner. Some of the footage includes children of this group expressing pride in their culture and joy of nature. THE CHILDREN ARE NOT celebrating the taking of the animals. It is public footage, available on the internet, can I use it????? Again trying to show a better future for the indigenous group and the creatures involved. Any input welcome!
  3. The office ego wall. Inexpensive canvas prints so I can rotate them out. Old ones I put a note on our condo message board, "free in game room" and so far they have all been picked up.
  4. Not a new subject and it's been a long time since I entered a photo contest. Years ago many contests had Raw to "do what you want categories". But as I see AI progress to a point were you don't even need a camera to publish amazing photos/images will photographers take on the challenge of producing images "straight from the camera?" Will there be a market for "not digitally altered" photos? Thinking about all the time, money and effort I have put in to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right gear and that small part of me wondering "why bother?" But there is that nagging part of me that if I share an image and others look at it I want them to Know what it took to capture that unique moment, petty I know, lol.
  5. Mt. Shukan, Cascade Mountains, WA State and Mt. Baker, WA State. Sony A7RIII, Sony 12-24, F4
  6. Sure there is a simple answer but I would love a Sony RX1 with a zoom lens or I guess you could ask why not a RX100 with a full frame sensor.
  7. Lake Tahoe from Heavenly ski resort A7III and Raja Ampat, Indonesia 50ft down Sony RX 100 IV Nauticam WA Wet lens and housing.
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