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  1. Mt.Fuji with the pagoda shot. I think alot of us have seen this online but I managed to stick around for sunset and a little afterwards.
  2. I got to do one of my bucketlist photography goals and that was to do a portrait shoot with a model in japan. During my visit there this summer I managed to get a few in surprisingly that I met through instagram DM and FB. Manami was one of my favourite ones as the location provided the japanese aesthetic I wanted to shoot but we were also able to shoot in some different areas with the time we had. One aspect of outdoor portraits which I love and sometimes hate is of course the sunlight, we shot outside in the harsh sun, I was hoping to find some shade to help with evening out the contrast but my favourite shots were actually ones with some spotlighting. The photos kind of highlights the change, I think for photography I'm familiar enough to edit photos to give them the same feeling but when it comes to video the change in light is pretty jarring. Anyways here are the highlights from that shoot.
  3. I really like the moody style more. Kind of in a similar problem as you. For outdoor portraits I usually like shooting with the sun as it makes good contrast and interesting shots but in studio I love the black and low key looks as I can control the light
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