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  1. Huge thank you to Sony for having me, this was an absolute blast. My messages are always open so please reach out if anyone has follow up questions. I'm a massive believer in sharing information and what I've learned to help others because none of us get to where we are without our community. Instagram, Twitter or
  2. Had so much fun thank you for participating.
  3. Had so much fun and always love sharing everything I've learned a long my journey.
  4. I'd say when it comes to Photoshop the best things to master are removing unwanted things such as people, garbage, cars, etc. Then I think knowing how to put on a proper Orten Effect is key. Getting that subtle glow, but keep the image sharp is always great.
  5. My kit is as follows: Sony a7RV, 16-35 2.8 GM II, 24-70 2.8 GM II, 100-400 4.5/5.6 GM, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mini 4 Pro, Hoya filters and Slik tripod.
  6. HSL is a great way of creating a style for yourself. Maybe you like more of an aqua blue or a greener yellow. You can do this in HSL.
  7. Tone Curve can be intimidating, but a good trick is to copy your RGB tones curves and make sure they're all the same. That will ensure the colors are as close to natural as possible and just create contrast.
  8. I'd say the 2 most important tools for me in Lightroom are Tone Curve and HSL.
  9. Completely understand. In the end this is your art so be true to yourself.
  10. So much to love, but my favorite is the size and weight. If you're shooting a lot of for long hours your wrist can get sore. This is also true when hiking! A lighter bag definitely goes a long way on your back.
  11. So if it doesn't compliment the scene or is distracting from the subject or message you're trying to capture, then I'd take it out.
  12. I do all the time, in fact I edit out a lot of stuff haha. I look at it in a way of "if it doesn't compliment" what the photo is about than I take it out. Recently I edited a beach scene and there were dozens of people on the beach which isn't as impactful as a single person staring out into the ocean.
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