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  1. For the first time ever, scientists have the option to capture a 3D digital specimen of a species instead of euthanizing them. When The Biodiversity Group's research teams rediscover a species that hasn't been seen in decades or discover a new one, we've always had to draw straws for who has to kill it to preserve for the museum. The problem is, we don't know if that's the last female of that species on earth and we've just doomed the species to extinction. Now we can take our Sony-sponsored 3D scanning system into the most remote jungles to harmlessly create digital replicas of the species and use noninvasive DNA collection techniques to substitute for the collection of an actual animal. Beyond the science side of things, imagine the opportunities these 3D creatures present to teachers and for wildlife education outreach! We have now created the new field of conservation taxonomy and the next step is to make sure we can all participate. That might actually be the hardest step and we need your help to develop version 2! Read more in the link below and please consider donating to support our efforts. We've changed an entire field of science, upended 300 years of taxonomic tradition, forever changed how we engage and educate people about wildlife, and saved countless future lives - all for under 10k so far! You'll be hard pressed to find a more effective nonprofit to support 🙏 donate links are in the article, our website, or directly here on Facebook. We'd love to hear what you think of this and our team is excited to field any questions the Alpha Universe community may have!
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