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  1. Austria's High Alpine road winds through the alps that touch the clouds. The tallest mountain in Austria, Grossglockner, is hidden behind the clouds. The blues and greens and the clouds, all while being entertained by a windy road made this a fun capture.
  2. Looking forward to the solar eclipse in April 2024. I shot the annular eclipse in Albuquerque for practice. All went well. I have seen other camera's being able to be remote controlled for the eclipse - specific events during the event. Has anyone developed any or aware of any software that can control a SONY a7-brand body, preferably via Windows? Thanks.
  3. One of the many photographers in SoCal. Plenty to shoot. I enjoy rockets, planes, and celestial objects and travel. I have been shooting SONY for a long time and glad to be part of the universe!
  4. I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico and had a wonderful Balloon Fiesta in the early morning and the annular eclipse in the later morning! SONY a7iii with 200mm-600mm@600mm. It was a great experience.
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