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  1. Thanks for joining me today! I enjoyed the conversation! You can find me on Instagram, TikTok or visit my website.
  2. Asking the deep questions I see. Spending my time earth side doing the things my wildest dreams move me to do and that I make people feel heard, seen and loved along the way
  3. One of my biggest lessons in photography was to slow down and observe, be intentional about choices of setting and backdrop. Capture the same moment or photo op from several points of view. Push yourself to move outside of the perspective you took instinctively
  4. I also like to take an experiential approach to photo sessions. Meaning the session is often centered around the client doing something. We also have conversation while shooting instead of resting solely on posing and prompts.
  5. In many instances clients express concern about not knowing how to pose or not being photogenic. One of the things that puts a client's mind at ease is photographer's confidence. Just letting them know that I will pose and direct and guide the session is enough to put them at ease.
  6. I love the great image quality and low light performance as I'm often working in less than ideal lighting scenarios. I also love that my gear is lightweight and portable
  7. Another, don't blindly rely on templates. Especially when it comes to contracts and forms used as a part of setting expectations.
  8. So many! But the first thing that comes to mind is the importance of having systems in place that make it seamless and easy for a client to retain you. Don't want it to be a task heavy assignment for someone to book you.
  9. The people are the secret ingredient. Rapport, learning relationship dynamics on the spot through observation. With weddinngs understanding how to read the room, understanding the culture, the ability to anticipate and ability to relate to the people present greatly impacts the outcome
  10. Every backdrop, detail shot, portrait or photo op that I can control will infuse those colors, the textures. I also keep the lighting approach consistent across a given part of the day. So if we're using window light and OCF for bride's prep we do the same for groom
  11. I use lighting and choice of colors used as backdrops or accents while shooting to help produce a consistent editing result. So if I'm photographing a wedding one of questions I ask are "What are your wedding colors?"
  12. If the location is already chosen some of things I look for are solid color elements like walls and alleys that fit the concept. Failing thatI look for areas that are neutral in color and offer some texture to work with. Concrete, doors, alleys etc
  13. I typically consult with clients in advance to find out what they plan to wear and offer recommendations along those lines. That information empowers me to recommend locations that fit in terms of concept.
  14. We want to become better artists; so we tend to focus on practicing and learning the things that will make us improve in our art. But if the goal is to make it your career then prioritize business organization and relationship building and everything that falls under those umbrellas
  15. Oh this is hard one to narrow down. I'd say when it comes to making photography your career prioritize the business of photography over the art of photography. The is not always intuitive for artist.
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