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  1. Thanks so much for your questions, everyone! I had a great time chatting with you πŸ™‚ if you want to learn more from me, the best place to do that is on my YouTube channel and you can also follow me on Instagram πŸ€— Also, if you want to receive my weekly email newsletter with tips and tricks for creators (plus the latest trending Reels audios you can use for your own content!) then sign up (it’s free!) here.
  2. I think my favourite TikTok trend lately has been the "I'm a ____, of course I ____" format! you could argue it's becoming overdone - but I actually think it's such a good format to generate engagement and showcase relatability. What I love about trends like this is you realize how much you have in common with others - and it's always just fun and silly πŸ™‚
  3. Because I know from personal experience how difficult and discouraging it can be to grow an audience online, and so I want to be there for them through that :) so really, my strategy is all about educating and encouraging my audience, and trying to do that in an entertaining and engaging way!
  4. I try to really consider what my audience will find valuable, and especially encouraging. That's actually a big focus of mine because I know many educators who share about social strategy are all about the tactics and facts - and I share those, too. But more than anything I want to encourage my viewers
  5. My biggest strategy is actually pretty simple: it's listening to and getting to know my audience really well. It helps because I know the struggles my viewers have been through are the same I went through as a small & growing creator! But an effective content strategy always starts with empathy
  6. Editing video content is pretty much my favourite part of my job - which is why I haven't handed it over yet. It's what I look forward to in my week :)
  7. So, I have a team that works for my creative agency (Creatorly Media - we edit podcasts and Youtube videos for our clients!) and I do have the team at Creatorly edit my podcast. Otherwise though, I edit my own YouTube videos, and create my own Instagram content.
  8. The most important thing is that whatever you're creating about - it's something that you're passionate about, and that you've considered how you can bring your own fresh perspective or unique spin to the topic :)
  9. Sometimes, it can feel like a niche is "saturated" because there are many creators talking about it, and that can discourage new creators interested in that niche. But often, if there are a lot of creators talking about a topic - that's probably because there is a lot of interest in that!
  10. As crowded as it is, I really believe that everyone has a place as a creator! You have your own unique personality and perspective that can shine through in your content. That being said, it is important to be strategic. Content creation is a business, and so you need to consider what there is demand for
  11. That being said, I really feel like capturing and documenting my travels is a part of how I appreciate being in a new location. Seeing it through my camera, thinking about creative ways to represent the place visually - that's really fun for me, so it doesn't feel like it takes away from my experience :)
  12. wanted to capture in advance, based on my itinerary. And then, I followed though on that plan, and stopped filming when I didn't need to. That way I captured what I wanted to, but also had some time to myself. I think it's all about setting expectations with yourself!
  13. This is a great question - because it can be a hard balance. For me, I try to think about creating travel content as discrete, individual projects - and therefore not pressure myself to be constantly filming or taking photos. For example, when I went to Europe a while back - I planned out what I...
  14. I'm currently loving vlogging with my Sony ZV-E10 and 11mm f1.8 lens - and the ECM-G1 - such a perfect combo and it's so small and light weight. I also film my "sit down" YouTube videos with this set up as well. That being said I also love vlogging with the ZV1 when I want something I can just grab and go with!
  15. Creating expectations with your audience (them knowing that you'll talk about certain themes, your video quality will be the same, you'll always be entertaining, etc) helps to build trust. But to keep them truly interested, you need to bring in fresh ideas and perspectives as well
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