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Accessories or Advice to get the most from an old A350


I came across an a350 and plan to use it for research documenting and some casual hobby stuff. What accessories and techniques do you recommend? Totally new to the realm.


PRO Support

I had an a350 back in the day. As I recall, there weren't many accessories for the DSLR. With it being the old Minolta A-mount, you can find old Minolta Maxxum lenses (1985 and after) that will work on the body.

Since the hotshoe is also the proprietary Minolta AutoLock, you might search for a Vello Minolta to Sony Multi-Interface shoe adapter to use more standard flash units.   

I tried using a CF to SD card adapter, but found that they were always very slow... Just better to use a decent CF card (though, they may be getting harder to find).