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Best website service?

Hello Alpha Universe,I would like to hear your thoughts about what's the best website service, and what's their best feature? or do you only use social media as portfolio?

Image Selection after a long trip

I just returned from a three week trip abroad and I am going through my images. When I return from a trip of many weeks I can have 10,000-20,000 images to look through and  I want to share how i tackle such a large number of photos and my work flow.I...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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Never to late

I would always play around with taking pictures at family events & friends weddings . I edit and create shorts for my family and friends from time to time! But at the age of 40 after my dad told me son live your dreams! I am on my way to getting my B...

JoeMG by Newbie
  • 6 replies

Making that push for a photo-centered Instagram

Hi everyone!I've been photographing for some time now, and I really started creating images I liked about 3 years ago with my a6300. I would post a select few to my private Instagram, and most of them to my VSCO. I've been meaning to start a photo-ce...

asirois by Member
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Set up of SD cards and battery grip information in A9ii

I am new to Sony. In my old Nikon D500, I could set up the camera so that when Card 1 is filled it automatically start filling Card 2. Is there a way to do that with a Sony A9ii?   Also, I have a Sony battery grip on my A9ii. Is there a setup to tell...

A Story for Visualizing the Function of ISO

I used to be a beekeeper. These days we let other beekeepers use our property, but bees will always be connected to ISO in my world. Here is a quick way to remember how ISO connects to photography. Whenever you think of ISO, think of these words: IN ...

1st Light Trails; Long Exposure

Hi Sony Alpha Community, I spotted the Sunrise Mall Carnival on the way home from Mardi Gras in Old Sac and decided to take some #lighttrail photos of the rides. This is my 1st time shooting light trails. Check out all the KOOL NEON COLORS!-Sony Alph...

A7402575.jpg A7402576.jpg A7402577.jpg A7402578.jpg

Focal length comparison for portraits

I thought I would share this comparison I did with a friend for a presentation I did for Sony and B&H.This is how different focal lengths look with similar framing for portraits. The f/stop was f/5.6 on all of them. The portrait subject stayed in the...

Screenshot (489).jpg
tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 18 replies

Alpha Universe Mobile App

Hello Alpha Universe,I really enjoy being part of the Alpha Universe and part of the creative community, but it's a little inconvenient it's only working in web and there is no Mobile Application for it, is it posable to see a Mobile App in the near ...

Resolved! New to Sony - Looking for suggestions

Hey Universe members,I'm a student in a photography program in Ontario, Canada, and I'm hoping to switch to Sony and start freelance photography while I study. There are a few local businesses and real estate agents that I would love to do commercial...