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Hi! Just wanted to connect and share my profile to say hello. Cheers!/member/#/uma-muthuraaman/

U-M-A by Member
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Join in on the Alpha Universe forum conversations.

Join in on the Alpha Universe forum conversations, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner who just got your first camera. You can ask questions and learn from one another and we have the Sony Artisans of Imagery, the Alpha Imaging Colle...

Flash, strobe, or continuous light sources?

Hey, everyone. A friend of mine suggested that I should add some lights to my outdoor portraits in order to improve them. However, there is so much information available that I am uncertain about what to invest in. What is the best way to begin? Shou...

Suggestion to add a new category of topics in the forum

Hello Admins.I was wondering if a new category of topics could be added. I don't have good name for it but the idea is to ask and discuss some information, tips, or anything else that was presented in videos on B&H, Adorama, Youtube and other platfor...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
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Quick Intro: Field of View vs. Focal Lengths

Each red frame represents the Field of View (what you would see) if you used the Focal Length (mm) on your camera lens from the same spot where you're standing. The smaller the focal length (ex: 24mm) the more you can see and capture in your photo. T...

TrekRover by Prime Creator
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Resolved! Any tips on what level of noise is/should be acceptable?

I have a tendency to fixate on pixel peeping and get really caught up in noise level.I would prefer not to rely on Topaz's DeNoise software as there is always some loss of detail.What is the max ISO I should shoot with if I want to display on 4K reso...

TrekRover by Prime Creator
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Learning How to Expose correctly

If you are just starting in digital photography, like most people you look at the image review on the monitor after you take a photo. This is a great help to check your composition, but do not depend on it for correct exposure. Remember your eyes adj...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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My best tip for shooting in winter---inside. :)

One of the most frustrating things for new photographers is getting great exposure. My first and best tip for shooting indoors is to modify the light in your home. Invest in floor lamps with daylight balanced bulbs and purchase an LED panel or two (o...

Which camera, I'm new to cams😎

Hello , so the only camera I have ever really used is my phone's Camara. Oh and the disposable ones from back in the school days. And now about a month ago or so. I found myself overwhelmed with the variety of cameras, and since I'ma slow shopper I h...


Happy to be here as a resource for you.

Welcome to the beginners forum!

Welcome to the beginners forum! Join our community and bring your questions. If you’re just getting started with your camera, this is the place where you can connect with other photographers, learn and grow while you’re starting your creative journey...