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Best website service?

Prime Creator

Hello Alpha Universe,

I would like to hear your thoughts about what's the best website service, and what's their best feature? or do you only use social media as portfolio?


Prime Creator

It really depends on what you need. I have used Photoshelter for years and have been happy with them, however I am switching over to aphotofolio because they have a feature that allows people to make pdf portfolio of my work if they need. I think social media is useful, but it is important to have a website that we can control

Good thing I asked because I never heard of either one of them and they sound like a better option than wix and square space 

I certainly think so! 

Prime Creator

I design my website using wordpress. I'm an engineer, therefore I like to take more control and enjoy coding my site. It's fulfilling to me personally. But it is also possible for anyone that doesn't want to code, using simple builders like Elementor.

I plan to use either photoshelter or smugmug for my galleries, but my site will be the portfolio.