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Flash, strobe, or continuous light sources?


Hey, everyone. A friend of mine suggested that I should add some lights to my outdoor portraits in order to improve them. However, there is so much information available that I am uncertain about what to invest in. What is the best way to begin? Should I use flash, strobes, or continuous light? Do you have any recommendations on videos for beginners?




Prime Creator

Strobes can pack a lot of power outdoors, especially using high speed sync. As a newcomer it may be easier to work with continuous light.

Thank you Ira! 

Prime Creator

I think a flash/strobes will offer more flexibility. If you are just starting out, I would start with one speedlite and build from there. The Sony speedlites are excellent

Leading Creator

Hi Jenna, continuous light is easier because you see what you are getting. The problem is, if you are shooting outdoors in daylight you will need more light than basic continuous lighting will give you. My advice would be that if you are shooting indoors in low light or at dusk you should try continuous lighting. If you are shooting outdoors in normal light you should try a strobe. In either case, just do it you will learn a ton and become a better photographer in the process.