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Making that push for a photo-centered Instagram


Hi everyone!

I've been photographing for some time now, and I really started creating images I liked about 3 years ago with my a6300. I would post a select few to my private Instagram, and most of them to my VSCO. I've been meaning to start a photo-centered Instagram to really see what I could do posting what I believed to be some of my better photos along with new ones I'll be taking. I've accumulated quite a few that I would share, but I continue to be held up for some reason. I don't know if I am just in my head, too perfectionist, or if I believe these older pictures are too dated to be posted now. I'm not really sure. I was wondering if anyone else had these feelings about their older work that hasn't seen been shared, or has any inspiration as to how I can go about posting these older photos/taking that leap and just making the page! Thanks!


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I sometime like the experience of going through old photos and posting, it can be nice to see the progression over time. I will always mention that it is older in the caption

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Honestly,, just post them. There is no rule or belief that older images lose their beauty. I have some images that I shot in japan in 2013 that I posted in 2021. I take pride in what I have achieved with little knowledge of photography at that time. Of course some shots are very lucky, nonetheless, It was I who decided that it will be a nice image to capture.

Don't let those feelings stop you. Post your images and celebrate your work from all chapters of your photography journey.

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I'm with the others...share, but mention they are your older work. 


Hi, I can totally understand your feelings and thoughts regarding "older" photos. I think you should post every photo that you are content about. Older photos can work as inspiration for your self. Be proud, there's only ONE you! 🤗 Have a good one!