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My best tip for shooting in winter---inside. :)

Prime Creator

One of the most frustrating things for new photographers is getting great exposure. My first and best tip for shooting indoors is to modify the light in your home. Invest in floor lamps with daylight balanced bulbs and purchase an LED panel or two (or three!). If you want to up your game, get a strobe and shoot it at the windows to fill the room with light or bounce it off a white ceiling. It will make shooting family and friends so much easier--especially family events, like holiday parties. 

Light can be intimidating, which is why just changing out your bulbs for daylight balanced ones is my first tip. That alone can make your images so much better! 

Why bother with bulbs? Well, it helps to make your images color-consistent anywhere in your home. As someone who thought it was a bright idea to add yellow Edison lights to my whole home...I learned my lesson! 😂