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Never to late


I would always play around with taking pictures at family events & friends weddings . I edit and create shorts for my family and friends from time to time! But at the age of 40 after my dad told me son live your dreams! I am on my way to getting my BA in digital photography! So live it up, don’t let fear hold you back, if you fall get back up, and let the world see your art through your beautiful images! Thank you to my late dad!


Leading Creator

I wish I could have met your father. Keep living the dream.

Prime Creator

Wonderful, he sounds like he was a great father!

Prime Creator

Sounded like a wise man, it's always good to find the support from loved ones

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You Dad gave you great advice!  My Mom and Dad are both 85 and not doing well.  I cherish every moment with them as I know their time is short.  Non-traditional students mostly excel in the classroom for so many reasons.  Study hard so you can play hard!!!  Peace...