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Set up of SD cards and battery grip information in A9ii


I am new to Sony. In my old Nikon D500, I could set up the camera so that when Card 1 is filled it automatically start filling Card 2. Is there a way to do that with a Sony A9ii?   Also, I have a Sony battery grip on my A9ii. Is there a setup to tell the current battery life in both batteries? When Battery 1 drains, does Battery 2 pickup automatically or do I have to switch them in the Menu settings? Thanks, **bleep** Cooper, Sarasota, Florida.


PRO Support

Hi, @Dickcooper28 .  With the A9ii, you can have the camera Auto Switch after one card is full.  Go into Menu > Setup > Rec Media Settings > Auto Switch = ON. 

With regards to two batteries in a Vertical Grip Accessory, they will automatically relay (switch) once one is depleted.  If you cycle through the on-screen display using the DISP shortcut (up on the jog wheel) you will see the battery indicators for both along with their respective % left, in the upper right corner of the screen.