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What are your Creator Resolutions for this Year?


I'll start: 

I want to create a streamlined process to create more short form content. 

I also want to shoot 3-4 short films. 1 is about to be in production😊

How about you? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

That is an exciting resolution! You will have to share when you are finished.

I have decided to use my camera every day this year. I want to take photos of anything that speaks to me, from self-portraits to dog portraits to landscapes and starry skies! It is a great way to learn more and play with different styles.

Prime Creator

I'm mashing up a lot of my previous creative endeavors into something practical, haha! I'm making creating product photography. 

Top Contributor

I want to do more sessions that get me excited. I love photographing families, especially generational sessions. I want to do more of those and figure out a way to do portrait, lifestyle and commercial photography with family being my niche. 

Prime Creator

Lovely topic and would love to see the end result of it, as for myself I would like to share more of my work and create more useful content on my YouTube channel, and would love to collaborate with more create people to work on bigger projects