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Which camera, I'm new to cams😎


Hello , so the only camera I have ever really used is my phone's Camara. Oh and the disposable ones from back in the school days. And now about a month ago or so. I found myself overwhelmed with the variety of cameras, and since I'ma slow shopper I have to do research , (mostly on youtube) and came to the conclusion that I would go with sony.  Bottom line I want a camera that I can flip the screen to the side . I seen the a7siii but the portraits supposedly aren't all that great compared to other ones like the a7 iv and the a7r v . Which one can y'all recommend . I will be doing equally videos as much as photos.  Videos in wide angle also in fish eye view.  And do y'all think I should start with something smaller like the zv-e10.?  And do all Sony lenses fit other Sony cameras?   


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Hey Richie, when picking a camera there is a lot to be considered. Usually many questions are asked about the purpose of the camera, etc etc etc. However, given that you want to shoot wide-angle and fisheye, that narrows down the best options for your use case considerably. 

When photographers choose to shoot primarily wide-angle or fish-eye (ULTRA wide-angle, really) they will choose to go with a full frame camera. The reason this is, is due to the "crop ratio" of the smaller sensors. Smaller sensors like APS-C add 1.5X focal range to your chosen lens. Hence a 20MM full frame lens will really be a 30MM lens on an A6600 or ZV-E10. If you are looking for the sharpest lenses they come in full frame, and than you have to equate for the crop factor. This makes shooting wide-angle photography incredibly more difficult because you need much wider glass to get those pristine wide-angle shots. 

The A7SIII is a fantastic camera for ultra low-light photography and low light video (as well as 120P/4K video). The only drawback is that the still images are 12MP. This means there is not a lot of room to crop in if you need to. The more MP you have, the more room you have to crop and reframe. Adding a degree of flexibility. If it were me, and I wanted wide-angle shots for general landscape purposes, I would choose the A7IV as it has excellent low light capabilities and is a full frame capability. It also gives you 33MP and a rotating screen. An A7RIV is a great camera as well, not the best in low light, unless you are used to having a tripod with you at all times. This is also a FANTASTIC option for wide-angle landscape. The A7IV offers more flexibility for those wanting to jump into photography feet first. 

You can see what lenses are compatible with different bodies at this link

If you get a full-frame body, they use Sony FE lenses, the G-master lenses are generally the sharpest but the other G lenses are stupid sharp as well. 


Woah thanks man, I appreciate the detailed response. Yes I have been getting directed to the a7iv. But  Is the Sony a7r mark 5  an upgraded version of the mark 4? And will the zv e10 lenses fit the ones mentioned above ☝️ as I'm considering getting the zv e10 to get familiar with these cameras before commiting to the ones were talking about.  Thanks 😎

Hi. Welcome to the Sony world! 

The "R" series is the high megapixel camera (61 mp). So the a7r5 is the successor to the a7r4, 3 and so on. The a7 series (no "R") is a similar camera, with less megapixels. Unless you need those megapixels for printing or really tight crops, I'd go with the a74. It's a wonderful camera. Great at everything and plenty of megapixels for nearly every type of photographer. Great at video, stills, portraits, landscapes and even wildlife. 
The ZV cameras are great vlogging cameras, and okay at everything else. If that's primarily what you're after then I'd go with one of those. Hope that helps. 

I agree. I really like my a74!