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Sony Commander RMT-P1BT with A7r V

Has anyone tried using the Sony bluetooth remote shutter RMT-P1BT with the new A7r V? I had a 3rd party bluetooth remote shutter for my A7r IV that does not work on the new camera with the new pairing setup. Oddly my prior remote is claimed to work b...

mdolan by Newbie
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Sony RMT-P1BT not working with New ILCE-7RM5 Help!

Hello!I've been trying to pair my sony remote to the new A7RV and it doesn't want to work. Replaced the battery, and made sure it's working fine on both my a73, and a9. I can pair it with the RV, and it says it's successful on the camera, but then no...

Sony 100 STF GM Lens

I finally got the FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS (SEL100F28GM) and I love it. This is a quick sample I shot this week with the STF and the a7RV

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 11 replies

Imaging Edge on Mac and the Issue with A7RV

Hello Alpha Family, it looks like Sony A7RV at the moment can only be connected to Imaging Edge on Mac via WiFi and not compatible with USB, works fine with Windows so the setting is not the issue, is an update coming up soon to fix this issue?

Resolved! Niches

Hey everyone!I was wondering how many people can't decide on what their Niche is? I have so many things I am passionate about such as Photography, Videography, Music, Art, Gaming, Electronics and etc. I enjoy a lot but I keep hearing I should focus o...

Tested the New A7R V in West Texas

I just tested the new A7R V on a trip through West Texas (made a short with it and am super impressed by its capability and versatility — and it’s fun to use! I think it’s finally all of the goods in a hybrid camera… exc...

404E0A46-071E-4A6B-82DB-82971CFF2F41.jpeg 957059EA-08C2-42CD-A3AC-861EF4C9E925.jpeg C7F14371-2384-4689-9B3B-58397C2C48B9.jpeg 9B05BE79-8E25-4E89-AE45-E857C3482561.jpeg

Using the Sony a7RV for Landscapes handheld.

I am out in Colorado Springs for the next few days and I am staying just a five minute drive from the Garden of the Gods.  I woke up early this morning, long before first light, and set up in a canyon inside the park and waited for the sun to rise.  ...

pm-r by Star Member
  • 6 replies

a7RV is coming soon!

I just got the notification that my a7RV shipped! I am so excited to get it and use the new AI autofocus and updated pixel shift! Who else has one ordered?

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 7 replies

A7RV in camera review

Hi, I'm a long time Sony user.  I just got an A7RV and am enjoying it so far.  I do have one problem that popped up however. When focusing a Zeiss 25mm Loxia manually and magnifying to focus, the image looks quite sharp in the viewfinder and on the b...

A7rV - Record RAW to Slot 1 and JPG to Slot 2?

On my A7r IV, I was able to record RAW files to media recording Slot 1, and JPG files to media recording Slot 2. Then I had one card with all RAW files and the other card with all JPG files. I would set video recording to Slot 1 and used my best, hig...

mdolan by Newbie
  • 0 replies

The new Sony Alpha 7RV announcement!

Hi creatives! Did you see the news about today’s camera launch? The new Sony Alpha 7R V (Alpha7RV)  was just introduced, and it will be at Creative Space in New York City this week, where you can get a closer look. Let me know what your first thought...