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Favorite Sony Alpha Feature?

Cameras today are incredible with what they can help us create. I think my favorite Sony Alpha feature is the eye-af, it's absolutely magical and just keeps getting better and better.What is your favorite Sony Alpha camera feature?

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 21 replies

Whats your 1st Sony camera

Hello Sony family, I'm new to the Alpha Universe but have been a Sony shooter since 2012, my first Sony was nex 5n, and I still own it and sometimes use it, what really attracted me to it at the time was the size and the fast FPS, I was a shy photogr...

ZV-E10 vs a7 IV

Hi!I have been waiting for the premiere of the competitive Canon R50 for a long time. But it's not a model for me and after its premiere I'm a bit disappointed. Over a year ago, I sold my entire Canon kit with all lenses. Before Canon I had a Sony a3...

ZV-E10 vs A6500

Hello Alpha universe,I recently got my wife the ZV-E10 because she wanted a small camera that she can have with her all the time and is great for vlogs and product review,  I have the Alpha 6500 which is double the price but have nothing on it other ...

Why did you go Sony?

Hi, Travis Keyes here. and I always like to hear why other people decided to become part of the Sony family.  I remember hearing about the first Sony alpha cameras and all about the amazing ability to see exactly what your photo was going to look lik...

Travis by Member
  • 21 replies

Honest Opinions Needed: Sony a6400

I currently shoot on a full frame DSLR, but want to make the switch to mirrorless. I don't want to jump all in just yet, so I am contemplating picking up the a6400 for social media video content to get started. For those who have used this camera, wh...

Sony A6400 not turning on (blinking red light)

Hey Guys, I've been looking everywhere for help on this issue with my a6400 and I thought I'd post here since I might have a chance to win a ZV-E10 if i do, hahahaha Anyway, the camera won't turn on but there is a blinking red light at the bottom by ...

Budget Macro

Hi, I've been interested in trying out macro photography (and possibly videography) but I am having a hard time deciding on the best macro lens to start with. I have the #Alpha 6500 (a6500) and I have looked at both new and used options. If you have ...

My Current Camera and Lens. What is yours?

I am currently using a Sony a7RIV and FE 1.4 / 35G as my main setup.  A full camera cage from SmallRig provides protection.  I recently added an Atomos NinjaV which is mounted on the cage.  What is your favorite rig?