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Bird Photography

I'm curious if there are any other bird/wildlife photographers who would like to see Sony introduce a new telephoto 100-400 range, f/4 or f/4.5 aperture and internal focus weighing between 3-4 pounds.  Am I dreaming.  The 400 f2.8 weighs too much for...

What is your next lens?

I always have an eye on some new piece of glass, I keep thinking about the 100 STF GM lens. What do you have an eye on?

tonygale by Prime Creator
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70 - 200 mm sony lens strap attachment

I just got a new lens 70 - 200 sony g master oss2 and i would like to check the best arrangement to attach the strap to the camera with the lens since i feel its a bit heavy for the camera to carry alone. 

24-70mm f2.8

Hello Alpha Universe,I've been using Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 it's a great lens, was wondering if anyone used the Sigma and the Sony GM and can tell whats the deference and if it's worth the extra money?

Camera decisions

Coming back into an old hobby for personal and business use. I like to shoot mostly wildlife and landscapes. My wife needs me to be able to shoot headshots. My business has grown to where I need to also make some educational videos. My research has b...

Krin by Newbie
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Sony 100 STF GM Lens

I finally got the FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS (SEL100F28GM) and I love it. This is a quick sample I shot this week with the STF and the a7RV

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 11 replies

Sony 24-70/2.8 GMII

I often see people asking to see examples from specific lenses, here are a few photos I did with the fantastic Sony 24-70/2.8 GMIIAll with the Sony a1 and 24-70 GMII

22_0706_B_344.jpg 22_0706_C_840.jpg 22_0801_0686.jpg 22_0801_0471.jpg
tonygale by Prime Creator
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Resolved! Niches

Hey everyone!I was wondering how many people can't decide on what their Niche is? I have so many things I am passionate about such as Photography, Videography, Music, Art, Gaming, Electronics and etc. I enjoy a lot but I keep hearing I should focus o...

Why did you go Sony?

Hi, Travis Keyes here. and I always like to hear why other people decided to become part of the Sony family.  I remember hearing about the first Sony alpha cameras and all about the amazing ability to see exactly what your photo was going to look lik...

Travis by Member
  • 21 replies

Didn't bring the right lens regrets?

Went to Northern Norway recently, rented the Tamron 35-150 and a backup APS-C body (which I didn't need fortunately).  The lens was nice but just can't see myself using it on the regular.  But what happened was the majority of my pics were of the Nor...


Honest Opinions Needed: Sony a6400

I currently shoot on a full frame DSLR, but want to make the switch to mirrorless. I don't want to jump all in just yet, so I am contemplating picking up the a6400 for social media video content to get started. For those who have used this camera, wh...

Using the Sony a7RV for Landscapes handheld.

I am out in Colorado Springs for the next few days and I am staying just a five minute drive from the Garden of the Gods.  I woke up early this morning, long before first light, and set up in a canyon inside the park and waited for the sun to rise.  ...

pm-r by Star Member
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