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On Average, How Many Times Do You Photograph Per Week?

I just returned from a 23-day trip to Iceland to teach two back-to-back workshops with fellow Artisan Gary Hart. We were in the field for a total of 20 days photographing landscapes... how often do you get out with your camera and what is your favori...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
  • 14 replies

Want to shoot a Sony a7RIV from Space? Now you can!

Sony announced the Star Sphere project which will now let you rent the Sony A7RIV to shoot images from the space. They will launch the satellite with the Sony camera sometimes in 2023 and you can buy 90 minutes time to remotely take all the images yo...

TrekRover by Prime Creator
  • 5 replies

Full spectrum mod

Greetings!I'm weighing on deciding on getting a a7iii or a7iv modded to Visible + H-Alpha filter, a 420nm to 1200nm filter, or go for the gold for full spectrum. Ideally, I want capture more reds for astrophotography and IR for b&w landscapes. Is the...

Best Way to Build Portfolio?

Hello Alpha Family,These days I hear a lot of Photographers advise new Photographers to not work for free, but how will they build their portfolio?When I first started, I did a bunch of TFP and did some second shooters on events and weddings to build...

What's your favorite lens??

Hello Alpha Family,What is your favorite lens and do you still own it?My favorite lens off all time has to be FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS (SEL90M28G) it's the sharpest and most fun to shot with, I had it back in 2017 with Alpha 6000 (a6000) and it was a...

Which is more Fun, Paid or Unpaid Photography

Even after more than a decade of all kinds of Photo sessions, gaping the camera and doing some macro shots in the backyard or go to the park and shoot some squirrels and birds is more fun to do.Do you prefer doing paid work or unpaid?

Give yourself a project

When I was starting out in photography I would go brave the cold of an icy winter to get a fun photo in the snow, I would read blogs about photography daily and go to strobist meetups to practice my off-camera lighting. I would take my camera everywh...

Jayceg by Newbie
  • 7 replies

Where is Your #1 Place You'd Like to Photograph in 2023?

I am already making a list of places to visit for 2023 - most are places I've never been. Most are in the desert southwest. However - I really want to make it a point to get to Glacier NP in the fall in 2023.What is/are some places you hope to get to...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
  • 9 replies

Grain, hate it or embrace it!

This is a discussion I've had with some of my staff photographers. I always find it fun to hear the arguments of such divisive topic.The question that I've asked them was: Would you capture a soft image to avoid grain, of embrace the grain and get a ...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
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Astrophotography, nostalgia and friends

Nostalgia from the moon, or how I found a memory of happiness in the mountains.Nostalgia from the moonYep, that's the title of my last image .It's a photo that I had in my mind for quite a few months, and even though it is not exactly as I wanted it ...

DSC08549_stitch Transverse Spherical-2 Posible final.jpg

Ideas for winter photography

Hi everyone! Since we are getting really close to the winter season I would like to collect some new ideas for winter photography. I´ll try and use the best ideas here and share the results with you guys so let the ideas flow!Some background about me...

Helmikuu_PallasStina1.jpg Maaliskuu_AarnixEppu-3.jpg Joulukuu_Koli_HenkkaKielleke.jpg Joulukuu_Koli_HenkkaxEppu1.jpg

Nothing Like The Dark Skies Of Idaho!

Having an amazing time with my @sonyalpha family here at the #SonyKandoTrip in Sun Vally, Idaho. Last night we followed @drewgiggity to the golf course. He explained how to do something super cool and Astro-y, but it went over my head. So I just took...

Tips for astrophotography

Hi everyone! I am going on my first astro trip and looking for any tips for capture astro. LMK if you have any (gear, settings, etc.). Thanks!!

Landscape and Travel Photography Thread

Hi everyone, I am really looking forward to these new Community Forums on Alpha Universe. My name is Jason Frankle and I am a photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles, California. I am also a Sony Alpha ambassador through the Alpha Collecti...