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Share your best long exposure images here!

I don't know about you, but I am in love with the technique of long exposure (LE) and would really like to see your best LE images here on this thread! How about we also share what cameras and lenses were used to capture them?To be fair, I'll start!T...

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Full spectrum mod

Greetings!I'm weighing on deciding on getting a a7iii or a7iv modded to Visible + H-Alpha filter, a 420nm to 1200nm filter, or go for the gold for full spectrum. Ideally, I want capture more reds for astrophotography and IR for b&w landscapes. Is the...

Concert photography

Hey everyone, my name is Jamie LeBlanc and I am a concert photographer from Virginia! I shoot with an A7III and absolutely love it. Here’s a sample of my work, talk with y’all soon!    

9D525969-FA6B-4BD5-93C3-88DC9055739F.jpeg B04C23E6-5DC0-4C30-914D-B0BBFB7A3509.jpeg FA09DFC1-22F5-451F-B5C8-4A8786179283.jpeg

Best Way to Build Portfolio?

Hello Alpha Family,These days I hear a lot of Photographers advise new Photographers to not work for free, but how will they build their portfolio?When I first started, I did a bunch of TFP and did some second shooters on events and weddings to build...

Which is more Fun, Paid or Unpaid Photography

Even after more than a decade of all kinds of Photo sessions, gaping the camera and doing some macro shots in the backyard or go to the park and shoot some squirrels and birds is more fun to do.Do you prefer doing paid work or unpaid?

Resolved! Photography Competitions

With so many photographers looking to build a reputation on the international circuit, what are the photo contests you normally submit your images to?Here are some of mine:PPA, WPPI, Dodho Magazine, Audobon Society, Arizona Highways, Monochrome Award...

Street stories unfolded

Hello Sony community, my name is Mohamed Osam and I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker, based in Cairo, Egypt. With a passion for capturing the raw and candid moments of everyday life through my lens. As a street photographer, I am constantl...

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My key Tips for Mastering Street Photography

Street photography is a unique and challenging genre that requires a different set of skills than other types of photography. In this post, I'd like to share some lessons I've learned from my experience with street photography and how to approach peo...

Give yourself a project

When I was starting out in photography I would go brave the cold of an icy winter to get a fun photo in the snow, I would read blogs about photography daily and go to strobist meetups to practice my off-camera lighting. I would take my camera everywh...

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Resolved! Concert Photography

Well , Hi there people of Alpha UniverseMy name is Muhammad RadiI'm Working as a concert photographershooting concerts is an experience full of suspense and fun, although it does not achieve the desired profit and success from where i came fromTo be ...

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Madagascar journey.

Last month I have visited this island. Beauty nature and people. Here few photos from this trip. 

DSC03236.jpg DSC03338.jpg DSC03342.jpg DSC03371.jpg

Some wedding shots with Sony A7 IV + Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM

My impressions are very good after a year of using the Sony a7 IV and the Sony 35mm f1.4 GM. Amazing combo for weddings. Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM – the best 35mm lens I have ever used. It's super sharp, super fast when wide open. The contrast is outstandin...

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Working people

My sony A7iii just arrived and had to go out to test it out. This camera is fantastic compared to my previous a6300 camera. I'm amazed when i can take some photos of people who do their jobs so wholehearthedly. Who else loves to shoot working people ...

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  I’m super excited. A few more days until I get my hands on the 50mm 1.2. My bread and butter had been the 35mm 1.4 but I find myself always cropping a lot. I’m still keeping the 35 most likely for outdoor shoots. Anyways. Stoked to join the group a...