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Share your best long exposure images here!

I don't know about you, but I am in love with the technique of long exposure (LE) and would really like to see your best LE images here on this thread! How about we also share what cameras and lenses were used to capture them?To be fair, I'll start!T...

DSC00134 copy.jpg TRI08948 copy.jpg


I like to remind myself to always have fun with photography and not worry excessively about sharpness, correct exposure, and other serious type stuff. As a result, here are my long-exposure shots of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland usi...

6838.jpg 6839.jpg 6840.jpg 6848.jpg

Full spectrum mod

Greetings!I'm weighing on deciding on getting a a7iii or a7iv modded to Visible + H-Alpha filter, a 420nm to 1200nm filter, or go for the gold for full spectrum. Ideally, I want capture more reds for astrophotography and IR for b&w landscapes. Is the...

Best Way to Build Portfolio?

Hello Alpha Family,These days I hear a lot of Photographers advise new Photographers to not work for free, but how will they build their portfolio?When I first started, I did a bunch of TFP and did some second shooters on events and weddings to build...

What's your favorite lens??

Hello Alpha Family,What is your favorite lens and do you still own it?My favorite lens off all time has to be FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS (SEL90M28G) it's the sharpest and most fun to shot with, I had it back in 2017 with Alpha 6000 (a6000) and it was a...

Which is more Fun, Paid or Unpaid Photography

Even after more than a decade of all kinds of Photo sessions, gaping the camera and doing some macro shots in the backyard or go to the park and shoot some squirrels and birds is more fun to do.Do you prefer doing paid work or unpaid?

Visual Voice: What kind of energy does your work convey?

Hi, everyone! I love to help people find their visual voice and style. It is hard to find yourself when we are bombarded with so much beauty everyday! It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of photography trends and fads too.One of my favorite tricks ...

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Resolved! Photography Competitions

With so many photographers looking to build a reputation on the international circuit, what are the photo contests you normally submit your images to?Here are some of mine:PPA, WPPI, Dodho Magazine, Audobon Society, Arizona Highways, Monochrome Award...

On Average, How Many Times Do You Photograph Per Week?

I just returned from a 23-day trip to Iceland to teach two back-to-back workshops with fellow Artisan Gary Hart. We were in the field for a total of 20 days photographing landscapes... how often do you get out with your camera and what is your favori...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Give yourself a project

When I was starting out in photography I would go brave the cold of an icy winter to get a fun photo in the snow, I would read blogs about photography daily and go to strobist meetups to practice my off-camera lighting. I would take my camera everywh...

Jayceg by Newbie
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hot air balloon live action shooting

Hello everyone! I am new here an I would like to share one of my first shootings with my new Alpha 7r V last week. We had the opportunity to shoot at the night of the balloons in Filzmoos with some dresses I designed for this shooting. 

DSC03471.JPG DSC03665.JPG DSC03749.JPG DSC04136.JPG

Do You Enjoy Photographing Intimate Landscapes?

I would consider myself more of a grand landscape shooter under incredible edge of day light. However, I also love capturing intimate landscapes. I captured this image while teaching two Monument Valley workshops this December with Ron Modra. It snow...

Sandstone and Snow, Monument Valley, Navajo, Nation, Arizona, United States.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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  I’m super excited. A few more days until I get my hands on the 50mm 1.2. My bread and butter had been the 35mm 1.4 but I find myself always cropping a lot. I’m still keeping the 35 most likely for outdoor shoots. Anyways. Stoked to join the group a...