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Most Versatile All-Around Lens

Being a-little-bit-of-everything photographer, I really do not enjoy changing out numerous camera lenses to get the photo I want. In your opinion, what is the best all-around zoom lens to use that allows you to take a variety of photos, from wide ang...

Focus stacking with the A7RV is a game changer!

Sony A7RV + 90mm Macro After a day of playing around with the new 'focus bracketing' features on the A7RV I've found that it's probably one of the best new features and additions to the Alpha lineup. It makes getting complete and total focus for macr...

Focus STack.jpg

Workflow Hangups

Love going out and shooting. Hate having to cull photos.Love editing. Hate editing *all* of the images I've flagged (I don't actually edit them all, but do hate the feeling that I should, eventually one day)Love posting. Hate editing the metadata.  T...

xMWayne by Newbie
  • 5 replies

Printing Work

Hello Alpha Universe,How often you print your work, and which printer you use?I use Canon Pixma iX6820, to be honest it’s great printer and can do up to 13x19 and the aftermarket ink is very cheap.

Best Way to Build Portfolio?

Hello Alpha Family,These days I hear a lot of Photographers advise new Photographers to not work for free, but how will they build their portfolio?When I first started, I did a bunch of TFP and did some second shooters on events and weddings to build...

Visual Voice: What kind of energy does your work convey?

Hi, everyone! I love to help people find their visual voice and style. It is hard to find yourself when we are bombarded with so much beauty everyday! It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of photography trends and fads too.One of my favorite tricks ...

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Always have a camera ready...

Sony A7RV + 70-200mm MK2 GMIf there's one thing that I have nightmares about it's not having a camera nearby when I want to photograph something -- thankfully that wasn't the case for this photograph! We rarely get any snow in northern Virginia so wh...


Is your camera ISO invariant?

A discussion about noise at indoor sporting venue lead to the question: "is your camera ISO invariant?".Definition: shooting initially at lower ISO and then boosting the exposure in post will result in the same noise as if the image was originally sh...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
  • 2 replies

Keeping it fresh

Sometimes I can feel like I am getting a little stale in my work, and I try and find something to keep it fresh.Some of the things I try are walking around with a lens I don't normally use, trying new lighting techniques, playing with pinhole lenses,...

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 6 replies

Give yourself a project

When I was starting out in photography I would go brave the cold of an icy winter to get a fun photo in the snow, I would read blogs about photography daily and go to strobist meetups to practice my off-camera lighting. I would take my camera everywh...

Jayceg by Newbie
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Resolved! If photography is art, why is there so much hate?

Though I'm not new to taking pictures, I'm new in my journey to becoming a photographer.  Over the last few months, I've joined reddit groups, searched the internet for tips and techniques to make my workflow more efficient.  I've even had the opport...

DJYoshi by Member
  • 14 replies

Resolved! Best Practices for Photography Workflow

I feel like my current workflow is inefficient, chaotic, and messy. Do you all have any best practices that you use for your workflow?Currently my workflow consists of:Take pictures with cameraTransfer pictures onto multiple external SSDs (had to sta...

TrekRover by Prime Creator
  • 6 replies

Staying Motivated

In the winter months, it can be tough for a lot of photographers and cinematographers because it's the slowest season for many. If you want to stay motivated one of the best suggestions I can offer is to go out and try something completely new. Do so...