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Some differences between still photography and filmmaking

Like many people, I came to filmmaking after a long background in still photography and thought this automatically meant I knew a lot about filmmaking. I’m continually humbled by how different the disciplines of cinematography and still photography a...

Different perspectives for Video and Photo

One of the biggest challenges (as I see) for photographers and cinematographers is coming up with new and interesting compositions. I've recently started to use more graphical lenses (35mm, 50mm) to film a lot of my shots so they're more compact and ...

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To shoot 8k or not too!? That is the question...

One of the biggest benefits to using the Alpha 1 (that I see) is its ability to capture 8k video in full 4:2:2 color, something you can't really do with any other Sony camera, aside from the Venice 2.  I often have other shooters tell me they don't s...

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